Joe and I headed out to my new salon tonight. We were supposed to rip up the existing floors on Monday (Labor Day) but it just didn't work out. Why you ask am I ripping up the floors? Its not that there is anything wrong with them. They are vinyl/laminate 'hardwood' floors and they are in good shape...I'm just being anal. I don't like the color or the wood grain and whoever laid this current floor, did it in a hurry. There are bumps, rough edges and spaces where there shouldn't be. Even if I liked the floors, I'd still want to replace them because they were so lazily put down.  I found a great new vinyl/laminate 'stone' look to replace it. Sure its cheap and easy, but that's exactly what I need right now. Something that is a quick fix AND cheap!

We were lucky that the existing floor came up in about 5 minutes. Like I said, it was so lazily put down, the people didn't actually 'glue' it to the floor. It was like the glue all the pieces together and set it down whole. But that was better for us, because it literally came up with 1 tug.

The one bad thing about lifting the floor up is discovering what was underneath. The tile underneath is more of an industrial style and was clearly stained with many hair coloring drips AND there is a spot next to my station that has water damage....and black mold! That's right, black mold! :(

I called the owner and someone is going to come look at it tomorrow. But unfortunately we can't lay my new floor until its dried up and fixed. Joe suggested we still put the flooring down and just leave the section with the damage uncovered until it can be fixed. We'll see how things pan out over the next few days. Baseboards & crown molding go up on Sunday, so I'm hoping it will all be cleared up by then.

#250 - The unveiling wasn't too exciting....

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