Today was everything I thought it could be. If you read my last post, you would know I had planned to spend Football Sunday, watching football and nothing else. Well I did just that! My Green Bay Packers even pulled out another win for me! ;)  However my Fantasy Football team didn't do so hot up against my friend Dan who dominated everyone last week. He kicked my trash this week as well. So now I'm 0-2.

I sure did enjoy my day with Joe and our puppies. We stayed in our pajamas all day, sat in 'our spots,' napped here and there, played sudoku, watched a bit of the Emmy's and ate EVERY LAST bit of the Taco Soup I prepped last night.  My first Football Sunday and it was absolutely fabulous. Just what I needed.

#261 - My personal heater that never left my side. (I think he enjoyed the laziness of today just as much as I did.) I love my Lucas.

**And a quick shout out to my stepdad Kelly; today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Kel! I hope you had a great one - see you tomorrow!

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