Today was fabulous! I finally had a VERY profitable day at my new Studio. After a few depressing days of feeling unemployed rather than self-employed, I was finally able to smile at the end of my day and pat myself on the back. Sure I did work 12 hours, but I loved my clients that came in today and I got quite a few calls to book up a bunch of appointments for NEXT week already! Aw!! I can let out a huge sigh of relief!

Now I know there will be good days as well as bad days. Some more busy days and some extremely slow...but I'm starting to make a profit after almost 3 grueling weeks of losing LOTS of money... :(  As long as I stay organized and focused, I'll still end up successful even on the slower/bad days. I just need to remind myself that every morning. ;) I am severely lucky because I know there are many people out there who have had MANY more bad weeks that just my 3. But it has really made me feel more appreciative for what I have and for the future.

On another note, I came home to an even better present than a profitable day. Joe FINALLY finished my cabinet!!! I asked him to make me a storage cabinet for my salon when I couldn't find one that suited my needs. (Apparently I was being a little picky.) But after 2 FULL weeks of working on it here & there, he finished it tonight and it looks AMAZING!!

Joe was able to use scrap wood from a crate that delivered an elevator to a job site. The crate was made out of white pine...which, after finding out how much wood costs, I'm grateful this was free! Joe roped the crate to the roof of his work truck and brought it home to take apart and make my cabinet. He customized it just the way I wanted, so it fits me and my needs perfectly! (It even has an open section at the bottom for my mini-fridge!!! Now I'll have plenty of storage space and even a drop down tray to mix color on. (See I WAS picky!)

My picture of the day was going to be of the cabinet as a whole, but when I snapped the photo with my flash on, it really brought out the beauty in the wood. Its just gorgeous! Joe used a Jacobean stain & then lacquered, sanded, lacquered, sanded & then lacquered again twice. (It has 4 coats of lacquer!) Wow, he worked so hard. Not only building it from scratch, but all the staining work too. Here is my #271 - The most beautiful cabinetry I've ever seen. THANKS JOE!! Its going to look SO GREAT in my salon. Wanna see more of the cabinet?? Maybe you should come see me at the salon so you can see it in person! LOL


  1. Yay for good days! Being self-employed too, I know the feeling. We feel good about things for a few weeks and then the patient load takes a dip and we worry. This cycle happens over and over. I always come back to the fact that when you offer a good service, the business will come. It might come in waves, but it will come and overall the numbers will be good. You can't isolate individual days...instead look at the overall trend. And I say, after 3 weeks, making a profit is AH-MAZING!!
    And, I want to see the whole cabinet!!!

  2. Ummm..total tease!!! I want to see the whole thing!! Glad you had a good week!