#259 - The original Mary Poppins. What a classic!

Seeing the Broadway platy earlier this week made me want to watch the original movie. As I put it in I already started singing the songs!! Such great memories as a child and this scene (above), when they've jumped into the painting, was my favorite part as a kid. I love when Bert dances with the penguins. Aw it just makes me happy. All the live action with cartoons just amazed me as a kid!! Good quality, old fashioned family entertainment. (Plus I'm a sucker for any English drama/family flick.)

Its a jolly holiday with Mary; no wonder that its Mary that we love!!

Man, I love this movie. You all should pull it out and watch it. It makes my heart happy!  Thank you Disney!!

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  1. I need to get a hold of it somewhere & have Lachele & Brylie watch it. They have never seen it & I think with as much dancing & singing is in it they would LOVE it!!