Today was a fun filled day off! I went down to Utah County to take pictures of my newest niece Adyson. She is 10 days old and super, super cute! Gotta love the smell of a newborn, their soft skin and heart-aching cry. They are so fun to snuggle! I was lucky enough to not only take her pictures, but I got to hold her and soothe her afterwards.

I have many photos to edit and go through, but I was very impressed, I only too 120 pictures. My sister Kalie's maternity shoot I did last week, I took almost 500! And going through the 120 I still don't feel like I got enough! Adyson did a great job though and put up with me consistently agitating her peaceful nap.

Introducing Adyson Kristeen Pew, my #252. Congrats to Jarron & Robyn!! She's a cute little girl and I know she'll be a total princess! I witnessed a little high maintenance persona already! LOL

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