I feel bad for the people I'm friends with on Facebook. This will all be a repeat for them, if they paid any attention to my updates & pictures from today. Sorry people!!

But yes today was my OPENING DAY! My Hair Lady is open for business and today was a huge success. Not only did all my clients find the new place with ease, they all showed up 15+ minutes early to their appointment. I did have 1 person cancel at the last minute, but her reason was totally understandable. But other than that - SUCCESS! I just hope I have more days like today. I scheduled my appointments perfectly and stayed ahead of schedule throughout the day. I got to meet a few more people in the building and they were very nice & welcoming. I did notice through the course of the day, all the things I need to change. Where I stored things and what I've purchased. I had an hour in between appointments this afternoon, so I ran to the beauty supply store and got a few things that would make it easier. I guess as time goes on, I'll find better & more convenient things to use...and store. My biggest issues were, my broom. Its too short and requires me to lean over to sweep, which after the first client my back couldn't handle much more. Fridge. I need a fridge. Most of my clients are used to getting a complimentary beverage with their service and it was hard to not be able to offer that service. I also need more STORAGE space! Hence the cabinet I'm having Joe make me this weekend. But other than that, I just had minor issues that were fixed easily.

I really think I'm going to like this new venture. It was fun being on my own today and feeling so independent. I did however miss the excitement and chaos of Smart Style. Since I'm now in my own room, its very quiet and calm. Perfect for my clients, but definitely a different atmosphere for me. OH! Which reminds me...I need music in there. Another issue I noticed today. If me or my client wasn't talking...it was SUPER quiet in there. You hear crickets...or a pin drop...whatever UGH! It was an uncomfortable silence. Andee, you mentioned something about your ipod docking station. Does yours have speakers or just a charger? That will be my next purchase. Gotta get that ipod charged and some good tunes downloaded!

Okay, so enough about my first day...I'm sure most people are tired of hearing about it! HA!

Here is my #258 - Cutting the ribbon. (Or in my case 'blue' painting tape.) Today was such a great day and I will always remember the wonderful feeling I had all day as a new business owner. It was absolutely incredible.


  1. This is darling & I hope you keep all the pictures & scrap book it! You'll look back on these last few weeks & laugh & smile all over again. Glad that everything worked out today! :)

  2. So AWESOME!!! I can't wait for my first appointment out there. I really wanted to make it to your opening day but work has just been crazy and I couldn't but I am SOOOO happy for you!