You know, I didn't notice yesterday but I just posted #265 last night - meaning I only have 100 days left!!!!! What exciting news! I've made it so far, I can't believe I'm so close to being done. Whats even scarier is that there is only 100 days left of the year! Wow...I'm surprised I posted without even noticing.

However here my post #266 - JERSEY'S ARE HERE!!!

Kinda bummed my Clay Matthews jersey doesn't fit. Apparently the 'woman's' sizes are for toddlers. LOL. I'm going to order another one and hopefully it'll be here before the season is over! Joe got his Jahvid Best (Detroit Lions) jersey. Plus he ordered a MBL one for some guy on the Detriot Tigers. I don't know why he loves that city so much. He's lame...he doesn't even watch baseball. Besides he already owns a Calvin Johnson NFL jersery...why he needs 2 Lions jersey's I'll never know. Apparently he enjoys being laughed at.

Alright peeps - only 99 pictures to go! Let the countdown begin!!!!

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  1. If you want me to buy the Matthews one off of you I will :) You know me & the GB :D LOVE EM!!