IT'S BACK!! #263 - GLEE!
(great 'slushee' moment!!)

*Okay technically it started yesterday the 20th, but I was unable to watch my recording until just tonight. It was a great episode (Not the best) but a great way to start off a new season. I LOVE Kurt & Blaine together in the same high school. I'm excited Sue Sylvester is back to her old vicious ways and Mr. Shue & Emma together??? Heck yes!  I should be a great season!

**Also I'm not a huge fan of the 'stretching the envelope' episodes. Where they push political agendas, homosexuality, teen angst & rebellion... I don't like when they throw that in your face. Like they are trying to prove a point...but I do love a good comedic musical! Plus the show last night [tonight] brought back a lot of great 80's songs and I LOVE the 80's!!!

If you haven't watched Glee or gotten into the show...um well, you should! So, get on it!!

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