We spent a good amount of the afternoon up at the hospital visiting the new baby, my sister Kalie & family. Luckily my sister Andee, her twins and myself, arrived at the hospital as Kalie's husband and son were there as well. It was a party in that room for a bit! Mostly the adults visited and little Jesse played with the twins. He had to show off his new 'brudder' to the girls. Plus every gadget in that room was fascinated to each of them...especially the 'privacy' curtain by the door. They were having fun running through it and playing hide & go seek! Gotta love cousins and the fun play times they have. I'm sure they had to enforce a noise ordinance as soon as we all left! ;)

Its very rare to get each of them sitting still and in the same place in order to take a picture, but I was able to capture 1-semi good one. All the others of them in this pose, someone was either not looking or they were bouncing around. I just love the look of these cute cousins. They actually look more like siblings...gotta love that 'Snow' gene!

Here is my #269's - COUSINS! Next time we take a cousin picture, baby Jacob will get to be in it. This makes me miss all the wonderful times I had as a kid with my cousins. I have some of the greats cousins and we sure got into a lot of mischief together!! 

**By the way, to help you understand their mischievous ways, this picture was taken of them sitting on the window seal in the hospital room. Like the couch wasn't cool enough, they all had to climb up to the window seal!

Oh and I decided to add this picture as well. When I saw them all sitting up there, I hurried and grabbed my camera to capture the moment. However I forgot to turn the flash on. So this is what happened without the flash. It actually looks pretty cool...especially with those cute piggy-tails!!

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