I have discovered a doughnut shop next to my new salon. This may or may not be a good thing. I'm sure it isn't a good thing right now...because I now want to go there everyday. But there is a possibility I will get sick of these doughnuts and won't want to eat them ever again. See...it could be a good thing...or it could be so bad!! We'll have to see how much will-power I actually have.

This place is called Beyond Glaze (Not sure if this is the only location in UT or not) But they take just regular glazed doughnuts and fashion them with deliciously flavored frostings and turn them into their own phenomenon. And at $2 a doughnut, an expensive phenomenon they are!

Elizabeth and I decided to get a little afternoon treat and once I walked in a saw over 20 different flavors, I chose to get a dozen to bring home for everyone to taste. I tried to pick the most interesting sounding ones and the ones the baker highly recommended.  They ranged from the most popular 'Maple Bacon' to 'Gourmet S'more' to 'Jalapeno Cream Cheese.'

Once home, I cut the doughnuts into 4 pieces and me, Joe, my sister Andee & her husband Kelly had a taste testing. (We didn't get through all the doughnuts...that's a lot to eat, but we tried the unique ones first.) Maple bacon was actually good. Takes like bacon with maple syrup poured on it. I would definitely recommend that as a breakfast doughnut. Kelly & Joe agreed. However ALL of us were totally grossed out with the Jalapeno Cream Cheese. It just wasn't right for a doughnut. YUCK! The S'mores & Pumpkin Chocolate were my faves. Andee likes the Grasshopper and Kelly like the Peach Cobbler. I'm not sure which one Joe really liked. He got heartburn after the Jalapeno mess and couldn't each much more. LOL!!!  They sure looked yummy..but some were a little questionable!!

#255 - Beyond Glaze, beyond my normal calorie intake for the day, beyond delicious AND beyond weird.


  1. That place is AMAZING!! My faves are the maple bacon, PB&J, and the yummy one with toasted coconut that I see in your pic. Yum, Yum, Yum!!

  2. Good thing my kiddo's aren't coming with me on Friday ;) hahahahaha.