Tonight was so much fun!! My pregnant sister Kalie asked me to take her 'maternity photos' tonight. She came into my salon and we pampered her up right before. She got her nails done, hair color AND make-up! I didn't do the nails...but I did the hair, make-up....and the photos of course! (I'm the WHOLE package! lol)

Kalie wanted to do a very non-traditional shoot. Maternity photos are always so innocent, delicate and sweet. She wanted lots of make-up, glammed up hair, daring poses and lots of accessories!! Well...she knew the right person to ask!!! ;)  (See more of the album on my facebook...Joy, get a facebook already!!)

In her vision of these photos, she wanted a great silhouette shot of her protruding belling in front of a sunset. Here in Utah, what better place for a wide open sunset, than the salt flats? We drove out to the Saltair and walked out onto the Great Salt Lake beach for some PERFECT silhouette shots. Plus my younger sister Andee and her twins tagged along!! We had great fun 'posing' Kalie and picking out different accessories. I swear I brought my entire jewelry box.

I think we got some great pictures and I hope I made Kalie happy! They were a little different than the 'norm' but that's Kalie to a T. Always a stand out! Thank you Kalie for letting me doll you up AND take the pictures. I love playing around with my camera, getting down on the ground for a good shot and uploading them for all to see. Tonight was freakin' awesome!!

#245 - Kalie and baby Hansen, due October 2011!


  1. Yeah, yeah... I refuse to give in! This is an aweomse shot. We should go out and shoot together sometime - I'm certain that you could teach me a thing or two about my camera!!!

  2. Oh my shut up. So darling!!! I am going to go look at the pictures on Facebook right now!!