I took quite a few pictures today. Only one was meant to be the photo of the day, but the other 2 were taken/found and I just had to share. Here are my #267's! 

1st - This was the actual 'planned' photo for today. My mom takes my sisters & I out every year around this time to shop for Halloween decorations. We go to Tai-Pan trading, which has great options at a cheap price! Its usually a great evening, filled with laughs & sarcasm. However the only issue I have with this outing, is the fact that I boycott decorating for any holiday other than Christmas. My sisters & my mother are completely opposite. They decorate, not only for every holiday, but for every season as well! So basically everyone else BUT me actually 'gets' something out of this get together. My mom usually treats for dinner & buys a 1 decoration for each of us. Since they all know I'm not shopping for decorations, my mom let's me look around for jewelry, purses or cool dishes.  As much fun as it is shopping for things I don't need, its always great when I'm with people who support my lack of enthusiasm for constantly moving around the trinkets in my house every month or so. This year I found a wonderful little necklace that I'm super happy to own. I have an obsession with pocket watches & charm clocks lately. I have about 6 necklaces that are a clock in one form or another. Ranging from a teapot clock, a robot, an owl to a bicycle clock. I LOVE THEM! And now I get to add this giant, gorgeous piece to my collection. Thanks MOM!

2nd - In taking a photo of my new necklace/pocket watch, I had my camera at the ready. I ran upstairs to say goodnight to my twin nieces and in snapping a few pictures of Avie showing me her "cheesy" face, I caught this beauty! Look at all those teeth this little 17th month old has!! Plus those blue eyes melt my heart every time...and those girls know it!

And finally the 3rd picture for the day. Irony. I hate it. I misplaced something in my car today and instead of grabbing a flash light and searching in the dark of the night, I just used my hand and felt for it underneath the drivers seat...I did NOT find the stupid battery I lost...but low & behold I found this beauty...

That's right, I found my lost/stolen wallet! Apparently it has been in my car this entire time. (It was wedged between the side of my seat and the middle consul. Literally not within eye view. I PROMISE!)  Each headache I got from cancelling cards, sitting at the DMV for a new ID, the stress of losing it on a weekend and not being able to do anything until the next business day WAS ALL FOR NO REASON! Yup that's right...I had to put my life & identity on hold for 3 days for absolutely no reason.


This 'Cheers' wallet has now graced my 365-day photo challenge THREE times!  Joe is pretty irritated with me. He claims I didn't look hard enough. Yeah, I just wanted to ruin a weekend & live with no access to funds & sit in the stinky DMV for over an hour just because I wanted to. Right...

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  1. haha LOVE this post & LOVE the necklace! Glad that you found the wallet..even though you already went through the trouble of cancelling cards & everything else!!