Today was a roller coaster. Severe lack of sleep, my nephew was born, tried to sleep but awoke to Joe falling down the stairs & injuring his back farther than it already was and then I spent the rest of today nauseated [hardcore] and dealing with major anxiety...for no reason. Ugh. I'm pretty happy today is over.

I got a call at 3:20 this morning. (I missed the first 2 calls earlier because I was deeply sleeping.) Found out my sister was about to have my nephew & I ran down to the hospital. I even think I ran a red light or two. However I made it and was able to witness my very first delivery. Kalie did amazing and had the little guy in a matter of minutes. Jacob Allen Hansen was here before we knew it and he melted our hearts immediately.

I stayed at the hospital for a few hours, but finally headed home to sleep. (The little sleep I got, was very much appreciated.) I went back up to the hospital later this evening and got to witness the excitement of my little 5 year old nephew. He was SUPER excited about his baby 'brudder.' Each time a nurse came in, he would yell, "Hey! Come meet my brudder!" It just made my heart all warm & fuzzy. Especially when Jesse 'waved' at the baby to say hello, when his eyes would light up each time Jacob slightly opened his & when he made up his own lyrics to a new lullaby. He will make the best big brother, I just know it.

After forgetting my camera for the second visit, I was able to catch this beauty on my cell phone. Not great quality of course, but I actually love how grainy it is.

I'm proud to make this my #268 - "Brudders"

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  1. So cute! I'm excited for you that you were able to be a part of that. It sounds like it was a rough day - I hope you get some sleep. I hope Joe gets feeling better - let me know if you need anything.