It was my night to take dinner to my sister Kalie, since she just had a baby last Sunday. Of course I made my taco soup, not only because it was requested of my, but because its the only thing I can make. (Well almost the only thing...) I picked tonight because Joe and I were going to attend the last concert in Jordan Landing's Summer Concert Series and it was near Kalie's house. I also thought it would be fun to take my nephew Jesse along with us. I knew Jesse would have a blast, plus I knew with the new baby, he might need a little extra attention and Kalie & Jesse might want a night off from entertaining a high strung 5 year old. Well sure enough, we had a blast! The night was perfect - just had a slight cool breeze, but not enough for a jacket. The bad was great, Jesse danced, played with the other kids & completely wore himself out!! The band that played is one we've seen before & posted about. They're called Contagious. My friend Joy's dad plays in it and they are always so good with the kiddies. They have a bubble machine, maracas for them to play & even a dance contest. All the kids loved it, including Jesse. Of course he was sad he didn't win the dance contest...oh well buddy, can't win them all! ;)

Thank you Kalie for letting us take Jess out for a little bit and thank you for letting us eat yummy taco soup with you and snuggle with that cute little baby of yours! I think Joe held Jacob longer than I did....  We had a great time and we are looking forward to the Alpine Slide with you guys & the family on Sunday. I can't wait to take little Jesse!!

My awesome #273 - I LOVE being an Auntie!! Look how cute this kid is? 

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