First of the #274's - A 'household' meeting, over dinner! Pasta night!!

An opportunity presented itself to Joe and I about 3 weeks ago. The secretary at Joe's main office, Judy, told Joe about a dog needing a home. Judy also runs a dog kenneling service and was contacted by one of her customers saying they have a miniature dachshund that needs a home. (We didn't find out the complete reason, but we did hear it was a financial burden) Judy decided to tell us about it because we already have 2 min-dachshunds and she was hoping we would either take this other pup in or we might know someone else interested. Over the last 3 weeks we've talked..and talked...and talked about it. Its hard thinking about adding 'another' dog to this household of pets, but knowing that if a new owner isn't found, taking him to the shelter was the only other option. I hate hearing that - and I'm a sucker!!

As I said, we talked it over many times and decided maybe we should have a 'play-date' with out puppies to see if they would get along. I also put a little bug in my roommates ear, so they knew we were thinking about it. After many scheduling issues with the owners and ourselves, we finally scheduled our 'play-date' for today. We've had him most of the day and other than 1 altercation with Andee & Kelly's dog Rosie it has gone really well. Its almost scary how well he fits into our little family. Both of my pups seem to love him. They've been playing, teasing and napping together all day. 

I know its awful having SO MANY pets in the house, but I just can't bare the thought of him going to the shelter. Plus, really, whats one more wiener? LOL As a household, we got together tonight to talk about the ordeal and we made sure we all spoke our minds and voiced our concerns. It will be a financial change for Joe and I and it will alter a few things in our lower half of the house, but after vowing to do better at picking up the doggie 'messes' in the backyard, I think Andee & Kelly are okay with the idea. Plus I think Lucas and Simon would actually be sad if he didn't stick around. 

So in addition to my photo of the day, I thought I'd post a picture of our newest household member. And the second #274's - Meet Charles (aka Charlie) ... I'm not a huge fan of the name Charlie..or Charles for that matter. But he answers to it and the previous owner thinks he is 4 years old, so I'm sure its too late to change it.

He's black like Simon, but in the face he looks just like Lucas. Its almost as if Lucas & Simon had a baby. Charlie is the perfect mix & fit into our family. Thank you Andee & Kelly for sitting down to a wonderful dinner with us and for letting us take in an unwanted to puppy. We're very lucky to have room & the financial support to take care of a dog needing a home. I wish I could take in all the neglected dogs out there, but I can help one dog at a time, right?

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  1. What a handsome little guy! I love my 4-legged, furry children so I totally understand... I would have done the same thing. One of these days I want to meet your pups!