Okay, I have blogged several times about random acts of kindness, special delivery's and many things that just make my day; well I received all 3 today. My friend Elizabeth randomly decided to purchase something I have been desperately looking for, she literally walked it over to my house and all this MADE MY DAY!

I posted way back in April-ish about a my perfume 'super buy' at ROSS and I've been searching for another great deal for the last month or so. Its SO irritating running out of your signature scent. I've been using my 'back-up' perfume and a body mist to get by, but Fancy is MY scent and I love all the compliments I get. Plus it just feels more like "me." ROSS only gets a supply when another store has overstock...and apparently no one has had overstock in a long time. Elizabeth knew of my search and she decided to seek out a store in the area she was visiting today and low & behold they had a bottle. She purchased it and while on a walk with her hubby & little baby girl, she delivered it to me. Isn't she the greatest?? Even though I tease her all the time, she really is my favorite and I'm lucky to have her. (AND our weekly lunches where girl talk is always on the menu.)

#291 - Random surprise that put a HUGE smile on my face. Thank you Lizbit!! I love you muches and muches!

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