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Tonight was the annual Lopez Halloween Party!! Last year Joe and I went as clowns. We did the hole sha-bang, 'loud' outfits from head to toe, including face paint and wigs! We even took home the 'best costume' prize. However this year I was a little lazy at planning, I'll admit it. Just earlier this week Joe and I decided to go as each other. Not necessarily each other exactly, but as each others professions. I went as an elevator technician and Joe went as a hairstylist.  My costume was super easy; after acquiring some Carson Elevator attire, all I needed was Joe's elevator keys, pager, dirty rag and some grease! Joe's outfit was a lot more fun to prep! We wanted to make him the stereotypical 'male' hair dresser. (Meaning extremely metro-sexual/high maintenance AND fashionable!)  We went to the D.I. (Desert Industries) and found some great articles of clothing. Joe got some skinny jeans, pointy shoes and a tight shirt. Then at Target I discovered a miniature 'hair dresser' kit for a little girl and we had Joe wear the waist band that held a blow dryer, combs, fake scissors, flat iron & water bottle! My favorite part was his hair. I wanted to give him a '50's Pompadour (if any of you can picture that). It took a lot of styling on my part, even flat ironing a bit...it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but I was very happy with the end result. Then right as we left I added a little 'guy-liner' to complete the look.

Everyone loved Joe's look and we got a lot of laughs. We didn't take the 'best costume' award home this year...but I thought he looked amazing!!! Guess there's always next year!

My #295 - Joe aka Jay P or "Storm" his hairstylist alter ego!

Here are a few more pictures. (Including me) Like I said, my costume wasn't nearly as exciting as Joe's, but mine was the most accurate. I look EXACTLY like what Joe looks like when he comes home everyday. Exactly! Getting that grease out of his clothes is the worst!!!

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