302 down and 63 left to go.

As you saw, Joe and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last week. We celebrated a bit last week, but today I had a special surprise for Joe. I can't see any way of making this "long" story short, so you're just going to have to bare with me. First, the surprise! I rented out a theater room at a local movie theater so Joe and I could not only watch our wedding video on the big screen (thanks Dad for getting me a copy) but there was a movie just released on DVD that Joe was really disappointed he never saw in theaters. Joe is a Disney freak if you didn't already know and when that silly Winnie the Pooh movie came out this summer, Joe was determined to see it. Unfortunately I can be a mean wife at times and every time we'd go to see it, I would quickly get him to change his mind so we would end up seeing a flick I wanted to see instead. Well of course we never saw it in theaters and it was just released on DVD this past Tuesday the 25th.

When I saw that the DVD was being released an entire week after our anniversary, my initial thought was to postpone the anniversary celebrations to the next week and just buy the DVD as a gift. Well I'm not sure where the idea came from ,but I had the though of calling a local (run down) movie theater to see if they rent out individual theaters. Of course I was in luck and not only do they offer it, but they gave me an extreme discount because it was just going to be for the 2 of us. Sure enough, I had the theater play our wedding video AND the Winnie the Pooh movie. Once we got there and Joe found out what we were doing, he was thrilled! I could tell he was really excited and thats exactly what I wanted out of this whole sha-bang!!!

The theater manager was really nice; he gave us popcorn and drinks, plus once the movie was over, her gave us the original showcasef trailer poster of that same Winnie the Pooh movie, also12 free passes to see matinee movies! Man it was GREAT!!! Joe was completely surprised and happy, plus we got more things out of it than we had expected!!  (Not to mention all the little extras, like putting "Happy Anniversary" up on the outside marquee & then again on the digital hallway marquee!) Happy anniversary Joe! I really hope you liked my surprise!!

My #302 - Joe, all by himself in our very own private movie screening!!!

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