Wahoo! My 300th post!!!!
Only 65 more to go!

The highlight of my evening was to FINALLY go to the Laundromat.

Joe and I have 2 comforters for our massive bed and both were dirty!! I've had them in bags ready to take to the Laundromat for what seems like forever, but who has the time, really???  Joe and I don't care much about our bedroom..which you'd know as soon as you walked into it...but lately since both comforters were dirty, we were using any blankets we had around the house to sleep in. It was hysterical because our bed is so large, none of the other blankets actually fit. So Joe had his set of 3 blankets and I had my set of 3. We were never under the same blanket. (Sometimes I enjoy my separate space in the bed. We have a very large bed and cuddling in my own blankets and in my own section of the bed is quite nice. Who really cuddles with their partner ALL night? Um no one. After about 5 minutes its like, okay I want my own space now. LOL)

Tonight I finally buckled down and took ALL blankets to the Laundromat!!! I think we took a total of 8 blankets, 2 sheets, 2 comforters, 8 pillow cases and my blankie. It was an expensive trip but well worth it. Now my bed is freshly made!! I can't believe how nice it will be to sleep with one sheet, a fleece blanket, then just our comforter!! (Oh and all 8 pillows, 3 wiener dogs, 3 toy balls and my blankie. See? Now you know why we need the BIG bed!!!) Joe also put our electric blanket on under the fitted sheet. Yep, its that time of year people. We sleep with our bedroom window open all year round and those freezing nights of winter have already started!!

#300 - Clean, fresh and somewhat organized!! 

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