Oh yeah, I've got 81 left!!

So many great things happened today. I'm actually going to post 3 pictures tonight because I'm in a great mood and want to share it with you all!

My #284's - Awesome day!

#1 - I had a visitor at my salon today, the Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD). Of course with opening your own business, you have to have a visitor from the health department. I was nervous. I felt like an idiot the whole time because he kept listing off things I needed and was supposed use, but none of it made sense...it was like my mind went blank and I had no idea if I had anything on that list. Thankfully my beauty school & previous salon taught me well, because I had purchased everything I needed for this inspection without even realizing it! Most stylists get lazy and don't use the correct things or don't handle the sanitation/sterilization rules correctly, but apparently I didn't it without even thinking. I had purchased the right barbicide, the right sanitizers, the right sticks and I administer the correct procedures. Hells yeah, I nailed it without even trying. Phew! So relieved!!! APPROVED!

#2 - After the inspector left, I snuck out for a quick bite to eat and upon my return, my client Janae was there waiting for me. (She needed me to put her feather extension back in before she heads out of town tomorrow.) We visited for a bit, then offered me a present! I guess her and a friend now make these headbands and she brought me one, just cause I'm special! Thank you Janae!! I LOVE IT! These wraps actually look similar to a another wrap I'm obsessed with, so it fits into my collection nicely! Random act of kindness!

And finally #3 - My sister Andee brought her twin girls in for THEIR FIRST HAIRCUT!!! Oooh I was so excited! Another great reason to love what I do - I get to share in this wonderful 'FIRST' experience with my nieces and nephews. The girls weren't too thrilled with having to sit still, but they brought their dolly's and had fun watching themselves in the mirror. Since I was the one doing the cutting, I don't have any pictures, but I do have the first locks of hair I trimmed off. Goodbye Mullets!! Oh the memories!

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  1. That headband is super cute... I need to find something like that to wear on lazy days (like my hair is so hard to do... LOL). I love that you got to do the first haircuts - how fun! You have done 2 of my nieces first haircuts - you are so great with the kiddles.