Yesterday was my appointment with Dave. He is a homeopathic doctor and has been recommended by a few people that my step-mom Nancy knows. Since I've continued to struggle getting pregnant and my doctors have not found anything wrong with me..other than not ovulated regularly, Nancy offered to take me to Dave and try a different route. An all natural route. Well, I was all for it. I mean really, what have I got to lose? I took us a few weeks to get an appointment scheduled, but I was happy when I was finally able to get in. I teased that I was going to see a witch doctor. Having never been or heard of a homeopathic doctor, my imagination ran. I was picturing a hippy-ish man with long hair & a tan coming in dressed in a tribal outfit, pounding bongos, waving feathers back and forth over my head, maybe having me drink fertility tea or having to do a ovulation dance/chant. See, I told you my imagination went crazy!

Of course to my pleasant surprise, he was completely normal. He actually look very business like, dockers, plaid shirt, glasses...even his office was boring. No pictures on the wall, simply desk & chairs from a few decades ago. White walls, fake plants and 1 book the size of a phone book, filled with astrology/zodiac information.  After only a 10 minute appointment, he gave me a 3 supplement regimen for 3 months. He told me that if I wasn't pregnant in 3 months, than to come back and get re-evaluated.

So that's it people. I have 3 months to try out 3 different pills and see if it works. Thank you Nancy and thank you completely normal, witch doctor Dave. I'll keep ya'll posted. It IS possible that it may be that easy... One can hope. Like I said, I really have nothing to lose at this point.

#277 - "I told the Witch Doctor, I was in love with you" and hopefully that will get me knocked up! LOL

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