Yay, 73 more to go!!

Today is October 19th - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Joe and I celebrate 2 anniversaries today. Our first date was on October 19, 2001 and then we got married 4 years later on October 19, 2005! Making our first date 10 years ago and our wedding 6 years ago today! That's right, Joe and I have been together for 10 years now. I full decade!!!

Both Joe and I had to work (opposite shifts) so we didn't plan anything special for today. We're saving our celebration for the weekend...and I also have a little surprise up my sleeve for Joe next weekend. (Stay tuned!) But after my last evening hair appointment cancelled, I drove home to grab Joe and head out to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant BONSAI!! Once we got home from dinner, we thought it would be nice to watch our wedding DVD and reminisce on that wonderful day. However after digging the DVD out of our 'wedding box' in storage we found this...

My broken memories... #292 - Utter devastation.

Thankfully to my luck, my dad has a copy!!! Phew! He says he isn't sure if he can copy it for us, but he will let us have his copy if need be. And unfortunately the photographer is no longer in business, so getting another spare will probably be impossible. My advice to everyone GET MULTIPLE COPIES!!!

But anyway, we went through our photo album and played our "Love Song" music DVD in the background. It was still romantic! Looking at pictures of old friends, people in our lives that have come and gone. Even a few that have passed away since then...it was heart wrenching. Although it was fun seeing how everyone has changed in just 6 years!!! My baby sisters looked like babies!!!

Happy 10 years AND 6 years Joseph. Either way, its been an incredible ride and I'm so glad I have you by my side. Cheers to many more October 19th's together!  XOXOX

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  1. My cousin has a DVD duplicater he uses for his videography business...I bet he could dupe it if your dad can't.