Only 79 more to go!

I had a frustrating few days. As some of you read on my facebook, I damaged my phone Tuesday night. I didn't do it on purpose..despite what my husband thinks...but I damaged it for good. At first just the touchscreen wouldn't respond and after leaving it off over night, it wouldn't even turn on in the morning. I even tried using another battery that I had on a separate charger and still nothing. Yesterday I was running around with my head cut off without a phone. Isn't it sad how dependent we've all become? Plus I run my business on my phone, so I was severely stressed. I just had to carry my laptop everywhere I went even stopping by a few WiFi hot-spots just so I could stay somewhat connected to the world...and my customers.

Its very coincidental that I damaged my phone at this time of the year. My phone plan is with Sprint and I'm signed up with my husbands company account. I'm lucky enough to only have a year-to-year contract. (As opposed to most carriers where the standard is 2 years.) But to pull in the coincidence, last year at almost this is exact same time I damaged another phone. (I'm seriously thinking I might be an annual klutz.) Joe and I were on vacation in California (Disneyland & to see Joe's parents) over our anniversary weekend. Oct 16-19th. The last day we where there, on the 19th our actual anniversary, California was experiencing some HEAVY rain! It was awful!! We were at Disneyland all day and were completely soaked the whole time. In a mad dash from ride to ride, my phone fell out of my sweatshirt pocket and in to a huge puddle! Being the last day of our vacation, I was stressed. Its hard when you are supposed to be coming home and headed to work the next day and expecting a ride home from the airport in SLC and not having ANY contact with anyone. Thankfully we were able to keep Joe's phone charged whenever we could, so we were never really without. But once I returned from California, I found out that my yearly plan was up on the 28th of October and since my phone was damaged by water, the warranty didn't cover a replacement so I would have to pay the $100 deductible to get a new one. Or I could just wait the 9 days and get a cheap phone with the restart of my plan. I opted for the latter and just got a pay-as-you-go phone for a week. Even that was horrid!!!

Sorry for the long back story, but now fast forward to October 10th, this past Tuesday and you'll have almost the same story! Only this time I dropped it on my kitchen floor as I was doing the dishes. It had slight water damage from my hands and splashes of sink water as the accident happened, but I really think it was the finally straw. I have dropped that thing MANY times before. After talking to a Sprint agent the next morning I got a similar story. My warranty would cover my phone, but my model is on back-order and wouldn't be available for over a month. Or my plan is up on October 28th again so I could sign up for a new phone in just a matter of weeks. However the guy at Sprint was super nice and said with my warranty & insurance, he would get me a similar phone ordered to the store by the next morning and I wouldn't have to pay for anything. Plus he thinks I'll like this phone model so much, I won't want to replace it when my plan is up at the end of the month.

Seriously, what is my problem? Damaging 2 phones beyond repair in just days under a years time. Thankfully the circumstances are a bit different this time around and I was able to get another smartphone as soon as I could. But I did run into a little frustration this morning when they said my new phone would arrive between 11&noon and after Joe called, called & called, it didn't get there until almost 1:00 and Joe heard the store was closing early at 2pm due to the new iPhone5 release. WHAT? Stupid iPhone. I wasn't about to let another day go by without a phone, so even though I was watching my twin nieces and it was there scheduled nap time, I opted to take 2 very sleepy girls to the Sprint store that was 25 miles away from my house just to get my new phone. And after 30 minutes of setting up my contacts at the store, I was finally able to leave PHONE IN HAND! (Sorry to my nieces who were a 'joy' the rest of the afternoon because their schedule was altered. My bad!)

Now I feel complete with a smartphone that works, in my possession. All my apps are re-downloaded and I'm ready for work tomorrow. (My decision to get a tablet or a backup system for my phone/business has only heightened. But I refuse to get an iPad, so DON'T even suggest it. Stupid Apple.)

My peace of mind #286. Sorry the story was so long...but don't you feel like you know me [just] that much more? LOL like you needed too! ;)

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