The countdown has reached 76! Woot woot!

Since yesterday was such a long day for me, I decided to keep it low key today. Literally. Joe and I slept in, watched football, I took a 2 hour nap, we ran errands & had lunch then we came home and had game night. We decided to pull out the Wii, which we haven't done in forever it seems. (The Wii used to be an everyday activity. Either it was us playing games singularly, together or having friends over, we just always seemed to play 'something.') In fact pulling it out and looking at our selection of games, brought back memories of some really good times. We landed on Mario Party. Oh my gosh, this was our favorite. I remember playing this for hours on end with Andee & Geoff. Joe and I were always keeping up on the latest release..we have all of them up to Mario Party 8 and we just found out that they are releasing 9 at Christmas time. We had fun playing just the 2 of us against 2 computer players, but it really was more fun with Andee & Geoff. (Maybe a reunion game in the future peeps??)  After a quick game of that, we moved on to Mario Kart, which is always a grin.

Its funny to see how little we play video games anymore. Joe used to be a video game guru and now he just plays Call of Duty on the Xbox. Not really anything else. I guess its a good thing that we've found other things to occupy our time, but we did always have a blast with the Wii.

My #289 - Thanks for game night Joe! Man he's been great this weekend. Pancakes on Friday, foot rubs last night and now letting me relax and have fun on Sunday. You're the best!

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