#278 huh? Man, just 22 more days until the 300th mark!! I can't believe I only have 87 pictures left - holy cow!

So today in the Salt Lake valley, it totally felt like fall. It was cold, wet & windy ALL day. I was a dork and forgot to bring a sweater with me when I left the house and man did I regret that as soon as I drove away. Luckily I stayed at the salon most of the day, but it was sure cold even inside the building. I think the high temperature today couldn't have been more than 50degrees. (There was a bit-o-sun earlier this morning, but it didn't stick around for long.)

My work day ended up being busier than I thought it would be so as soon as I got off work tonight, I couldn't want to get home and wrap up in a sweatshirt & blankie! And Joe must have had the same thoughts, because he brought home some firewood, so we could have our very first fire of the season!

We have this awesome fire place that protrudes off the wall and literally warms up the entire basement when lit. It smells good, feels good and sounds so relaxing!! Joe and I tried to watch TV while it was going, but it was so soothing, we started getting sleepy! It makes me excited for all the Sundays watching football, or late night movies, curled up in blankets, hot chocolate brewing and a warm fire going. Yes people, I love this time of year and I love winter too! As much as I've loved the warm summer nights, I really am looking forward to the cool off. Utah weather, although very unpredictable, can be awesome. I love so many things about each season, I get excited when the weather starts changing!! So much better than stagnant air or climates where the weather barely changes all year. Bring on the cold temps...and even SNOW!! lol

#278 - Our first cozy fire of the season! Cheers to many, many more!!!

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