Whoa! Last day of October and 41 to go...How is that possible? ...

Okay my universe has been turned upside down!!!!! I couldn't understand as to why my countdown had 40 days left and there is clearly over 60 left in the year. Oh don't worry, I went back to look at my numerical ordering and apparently at the end of September I went from #267 - #288. Yup that's right, I skipped 20 numbers. Not only did I not notice, but no one else did either!!! For heavens sake...that means my 300th post, wasn't exactly my 300th post. (all that excitement for no reason.) My countdown has been wrong for the last 30+ days!!! I've got a lot of editing to do... ERR!!! So I thought today was post #324, but its not. Its #303. That's right people I have 61 days left, not 40. Could I be anymore frustrated???????????

Now that I'm over that rant, I can post my 304th picture.

Today is HALLOWEEN! Since I have celebrated this holiday for over a week now (starting back at our friends Halloween party on the 22nd), I'm finally ready for it to be over. I really didn't put effort into anything 'Halloween-y' today, just the normal Monday. Spent the afternoon with Elizabeth & ran a whole bunch of errands. (I did have my nephew tag along with us for a few hours just to get him out of the house so my sister could also run a few places.) But since I had my  him and he was clearly planning on Trick or Treating, I had to have him back home before dinner time. Then once I was back home, the plan to get the twins trick or treating was set in motion. Both Joe & I, plus Andee, Kelly & the girls headed over to my moms for dinner (homemade chili and scones!) then we let the girls trick or treat in my moms circle. They're young...no need to waste time & candy by taking them block after block. However it was SO FUN to see them actually do the 'door-to-door' trick or treating for the first time. Both of them were timid at certain points. Some of the decorations were scary or just the fact of walking up to a strangers home. Or they didn't want to walk, they wanted to be held. But all & all they handled it well and had fun. Good job Andee on the costumes and letting me tag along for pictures!!! And thank you mom for the delicious chili & scones. My favorite Halloween night tradition!!

Apparently its my #304 - Family first! - [actual] Trick or Treating!!!

*With my recent calculation screw up and the fact that NONE of my readers noticed...I'm almost wondering if I decided to quit this blog all of the sudden...would anyone really notice? Of course I'm extremely upset at myself for numbering incorrectly, but I also upset no one noticed or said anything. Does anyone actually READ this blog? Am I just wasting my time here????????


  1. I read it! And,I never realized the numbers were off because I had no reason to doubt your numbering. That would be frustrating though!! You are doing great at your challenge! And I think you started it as a personal challenge...so it doesn't matter if you have one reader (me!) or 1000 readers. And along the way you have documented a wonderful year of experiences, laughs, and normal-every-day life that you will really enjoy looking back on one day. And of course you'll PRINT this little blog of yours into a book, right?....so all your future littles can catch a glimpse of your life and personality as it was in 2011. How awesome is that? Anyway, don't worry about readers. I feel the same way on my blog. It's for me, so I put what I want in it. Probably some people think I put too many pictures or boring details, but it's my only way of scrapbooking and journaling, so I shrug that off and do it for me! You should too! Love ya Red!

  2. I read it!!! Ditto on all that shell said...our blogs are for us! And your blog is a well-documented year in the life of you and Joe, and you will LOVE it in years gone by. So what if your numbering got off...I did not notice, and the next two months of your challenge are going to fly by and it will be over before you know it! Don't give up!! I love hearing about details in your life...even the silly or day-to-day stuff. Over the course of this year I feel like I've gotten to know you better (and Joe too!). Don't get down. Keep on truckin!

  3. I totally agree with Shell and Reese! I actually don't really pay attention to the numbers, I just like reading your posts each day! Keep doing it!!