Thank you everyone for all your kind words...on my blog, Facebook and even through text message. I know I have many faithful and loyal readers. I guess I just needed a little reminder. This year long [daily] challenge has pretty much taken over my life. The constant mental preparation of finding something to capture, making sure I get the photo, doing any edits necessary AND finding the time to sit down to blog each night. Like I said, its all consuming. That is why nave decided to not take this challenge again next year. Unless something significantly takes over my life and I choose to document it...guess we'll see. But thank you again loyal readers and followers. I appreciate you stopping by, even if it is only to peek at the pictures. These writings are of my choosing, were not part of the original challenge and can sometimes be VERY long. And who cares that my numberings were out of order? Nothing a 15 minute editing session couldn't fix. Now on to my post for today.

Welcome November!! This month is focused on giving thanks and I'm going to try and post pictures of things I'm thankful for. It will be tough snapping a photo of that each day, but I'm going to try as often as I can.

First up...I am thankful for my hubby! (Clichè and cheesy, maybe.) I took a sick day today because I woke up extremely under the weather. Joe was very understanding when I rescheduled all my appointments, he called to check on me twice, begged me to stay in bed to get better, was okay that I did absolutely no laundry and then brought me home some comfort items to make the rest of the evening more comfortable. Thank you Joe for always being so loving and attentive. Sure makes my heart super happy.

#305 - My 'happy' things. People magazine (the style version), White Cheddar popcorn, V8 Fushion drinks and soup & bananas for my sick stomach. Isn't he the greatest??

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