Alright, the countdown is now down to 59 photos!! Yipee!!

Today I am thankful for my puppies. They are a huge responsibility and sometimes drive me crazy, but man I can't picture life without them. They always want to cuddle, give me kisses and keep me warm. We've had Lucas for almost 6 years, Simon for 3 and Charlie just over a month. I love my little guys and I'm so lucky they love me back.

Simon annoys the heck out of us with his CONSTANT need to play fetch, but its pretty dang cute how persistent he is. Especially when he stands on his hind legs with his tongue sticking out. Plus Simon is my ADD child and can't sit still for very long, its pretty entertaining. Lucas barks at EVERYTHING and he is so loud...ER! But he cuddles the most and radiates the most body heat. Perfect snuggle-bug on a cold winters night. Charlie HARDLY listens to anything we say and always kicks his ball under the furniture and can't ever retrieve it. So he'll whine and bark at the spot until one of us gets up to drag it out from underneath which is very irritating. However he is the sweetest and the most gentle with us and my 1 year old nieces. He gently takes a treat out of your hand and never forcefully wants to play rough. (Lucas and Simon are the instigators!)

My puppies are like little babies and I enjoy being around them and having them climb all over me. Each of their personalities is so unique and we're very happy Charlie fits so well into our family.

#306 - Here my are boys. Aren't they cuties??