Ugh..I miss my girls!! I was invited to have dinner with 2 of my stylists from Smart Style, Jordan & Brianna. I worked with both of these girls for almost 2 years. Brianna had worked for the company on many different occasions, but called me specifically when she wanted a job again. Then a month or so later, Jordan walked in to apply and I hired her on the spot. I considered myself a very LUCKY manager to have these 2 working for me. Their determination and drive to succeed was so inspiring and helpful to keep my salon running so successfully. Ever since I quit, a day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought about them...or missed them. Bri & Jordan became great friends of mine and I couldn't wait until our Wednesday shifts together. All the 'girl talk,' teasing each other and supporting one another to become better people. We were like the 3 amigos! I'm seriously at a loss not seeing them every day.

I was super happy when Jordan asked me to join them for dinner tonight. Jordan and Brianna have both quit Smart Style since I left (along with all my other stylists except for 1) and they found a new salon to work at together. That's right, my 2 girlies are working and having fun at another salon...without me. :(  My heart hurts every time I think about it. My stylists were the MAIN reason I stayed with SS for so long and it pains me to think of all the fun times I'm missing out on.

We had a great catch up tonight though. Hearing stories of all the wild, crazy AND boring things we've done since we've been apart. Some drama here and there, a few heartfelt talks and emotional support was laid out on the table tonight. I am extremely happy that they are both so pleased with their decision to quit & move on elsewhere and from the sounds of it, they are both happy & making good money. (I might have to sneak into this salon and work maybe 1 or 2 nights a week. I'm incredibly lonely at my new place and it might make me feel better being in a salon with my girls again. I'll keep that idea in mind....)

Thank you Bri & Jordan for asking me to hang out. I know I said it a million times to you tonight and then a millions times over again in this post, but I miss you like crazy! I love the impact you both have had not only on my career, but my life. I love you girls so much and I hope we continue to have more dinner dates!!!

#313 - Cheesecakes with my buddies. I'm smiling now as I remember our good times, but my heart truly aches...

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