Alright I'm on Day 3 of the 'thankful for' posts and today's picture is somewhat humorous. But before I get to that, I want you all to know that on Day 3 of this [inner] challenge, I'm grateful for good friends! My friend Elizabeth to be exact. We've been friends since our Beauty School days, we 'lunch' every Monday, our husbands are friends and work together, plus she's an honorary member of my family and I just love her to death.

I asked her months ago to help me make a car-seat cover for my sister Kalie. I asked for help way before the baby was even here and now little Jacob is almost 6 weeks old! I finally buckled down and went to the fabric store last night, sent Elizabeth a text to find out her schedule and ended up booking her 'help' for the next day. I am so thankful Elizabeth was willing to spend HER day off helping me and guiding a major amateur seamstress into making a car-seat cover. (Elizabeth has a 5 month old baby girl and made herself a car-seat cover that looks flawless. I knew I needed her help!)

So yes, we spent over 4 hours putting this together and I didn't even finish before I had to head off to work. I was grateful that she 'guided' me and had endless amounts of patience. Instead of getting frustrated with my naive sewing ability and just take the project over herself. She knew how important it was for me to do this for my sister and even though I kept her from doing anything else she had planned for her day off, she was still ever so willing to help me out. (Even when I had to put the project on hold to partake in a 'group' phone call where we purchased airline tickets to CALIFORNIA!!)

Elizabeth has always been a great listening ear, (which is just what I need because I talk A LOT!) she helps me work out my emotional & physical struggles and she makes me laugh when I clearly need it. Oh and with my picture of the day, #307 - She still loves me even when I sew corners like this...

HAHAHA!!! See, I told you I was an amateur! Luckily I snuck back into JoAnn's this evening and bought more fabric. I'm not working tomorrow and I'm going to spend MY time (not hers) tryimg making a better one. Now that I know what I'm doing I think I'll perform better.... hopefully!! Sorry Kalie, I'm gonna try my best.

THANK YOU ELIZABETH!!! I'm sorry I made a mess of your house, left all your equipment out of its place, spilled your Diet Coke all over lunch and asked you to give up your 'YOU' time just to help me out...and clearly I needed the help! You are a WONDERFUL friend and I'm so very lucky to have you!!!! LOVES!! xoxoxox

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