I'm loving this "home stretch!" I only have 45 days left of this challenge!! Yeeeahh buddy!

#320 - Great FIND!

Isn't it gorgeous?? I found this gem at ROSS!! I don't know if it goes with my salon, but I just couldn't pass it up! Plus its a decoration I DON'T have to spray paint to match! I do however want to find something to go inside...that is my next project. But my friend Elizabeth directed me to a really cute trunk that I have sitting next to this bird cage. I brought them to the salon today and decided to rearrange a few decorations to make these fit better. Both look so great atop my cabinet! Now to find some greenery...

I just LOVE decorating my little salon. Its so much fun!!!

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  1. A birdcage to match the birds that you have told me about... brilliant!! Can't wait to see it!