Put your hands in the air - I've only got 35 more days!!!

As I have seen on Facebook today, many of my friends have put up their Christmas tree. I have boycotted decorating for the past few years just because its SO TIME CONSUMING!! You have to take down all your current decorations, drag out the Xmas ones & put them up, only to take them down just weeks later. Its a headache if you ask me. Plus with it being just Joe & I, it doesn't seem necessary. However I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from work, to see that Joe had assemble and put up our pre-lit, artificial Christmas tree up. He didn't know where the decorations were, so the tree has no ornaments, drapings or stars; just lights. The glow is a happy glow by the way. It kinda makes me want to pull out the other holidays decorations. We'll see.

My #330 - Lights all-a-glow.

Cell phone picture. I really liked the 'glow' effect. Awesome!!!

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