Have you heard of "The Sing Off" on NBC? Um yeah, its pretty much the greatest singing competition..in my opinion. I like it better than American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice..etc, etc, etc. This competition is for A Cappella groups only. I LOVE A Cappella!! It constitutes that pure, raw, natural talent that music today is lacking. No synthesizers to create unique sounds with your voice and no computers to alter the key in your voice to help you sing in tune. (Wonder where Britney Spears would be without the help of technology? Poor is what I would guess.) Anyway, "The Sing Off" has become one of my reality shows. This season is almost over with the finale being next Monday. (PENTATONIX all the way baby! I already put my votes in!! Voting is good all the way up to 9am on Sunday morning...so if you haven't yet, text 1 to 97979 mmkay?)

Today in my 'prep for Thanksgiving Day' shopping I ran across "The Sing Off" Christmas CD! Hmm...didn't know they had one!! It has a few great songs by all the top contestants this season. Its technically the first Christmas themed album I've purchased, let alone played, so far this year. I immediately opened it and listened to it in my car all day. Its just wonderful!!

#326 - It wasn't on my list, but my impulsiveness couldn't resist!

By the way, if any of you watch the show and are interested, Pentatonix obviously is my #1 choice. Their versions of Video Killed The Radio Star, ET, the Britney medley and last nights Dog Days Are Over have been my favorites. Actually I've liked everything they have done - each week I'm always impressed. So that is why I'm hoping they win!! Last season, my favorite Street Corner Symphony ended up in 2nd place... I was really bummed. However SCS has a website and an album to download so I can enjoy all my favorite tunes from last year! My favorites of theirs were Down There On The Corner, the Beatles medley, Creep, Fix You, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Hey Soul Sister...gosh there were so many good ones. 

Head over to YOUTUBE and check out both Pentatonix & Street Corner Symphony. Ah-Maze-Zing!

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