My sister Andee finally made a decision and let me chop off her hair tonight. Of course her hair wasn't really long in the first place, but she wanted/needed something short & easy. She's had the same cut & color for over 2 years and has been tossing around the idea of changing it for a month or so now. As her hairstylist, sister and friend, I've been extremely hesitant. Only because I KNOW Andee better than she thinks I do and she doesn't like change; never has. Any time I change her hair or her coloring, just weeks later she wants it back long and blonde. I love Andee with dark hair. She has those hypnotic, baby blue eyes and dark coloring always makes them POP! But after having dark hair for a mere week, she wants it back to what it was before. BLONDE! I can count at least 5 times I've done a big change to her hair and she has me fixing it days later. Hence my hesitation for changing her up this time. It just ends up being more work for me and her hair goes through A LOT of chemical processing to get it back blonde, so it just trashes the condition.  Well I gave in tonight - even bet her $50 she won't keep it. She even lengthened the bet to a whole year...um yeah...that's a bet I'm gonna win!!!

I'm happy with the way it turned out and I think she is as well. I didn't take the hair cut as short as she wanted...because again I know she'll hate it or regret it. But she now has something short, textured and funky to do many different styles with. Lets just hope she likes it...and if she doesn't, I'm $50 richer!

She wants to unveil a picture herself tomorrow on Facebook, but I took a snap of the color tonight. #314 - MY hard work, HER new look! I hope you LOVE it Andee!! (And not just for the sake of me having to redo it! LOL) I really hope it helps you in the mornings and that you have fun with the NEW YOU!

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