This holiday weekend has been incredible with lots of quality time with family. Shopping through the night was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with "The Girls!" We lasted from 11:30pm to 6:30am. Each store on our list, we conquered; finding EVERYTHING we needed (and then some). I think all of us were happy with what we accomplished!!

We were able to get some sleep before the family got together for a afternoon movie, dinner and then games! I love being with my family!! We played a game with pretty much the whole family that attended and had a few great laughs. It gets me excited for all the fun times we'll have at Christmas when we can ALL be there. Robyn and her family will be home & Brittany will be in town! Yay!!! Only 1 more month!!

My nephew Jesse was a little bummed he couldn't join in on the 'adult' game, so my dad, Nancy & I played a kiddie game with him right after and he just loved it! Of course he won and got to do some silly things. This game is called Flapdoodle and I highly recommend it! The ages are 6 and up (because of reading & spelling) but its a great game for the whole family! Guaranteed laughs!! Check it out!

#329 - A game just for Jesse! He sure was fun to play/cheat with! Thanks family for an awesome 2 days of togetherness. I'm looking forward to Christmas!

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