Joe and I drove down to southern Utah today. My high school friend Ben turned 30 this week and his wife Shannon through him a party tonight. Of course since I have the luxury of being my own boss, I took Saturday off and drove down this afternoon. It was a great way to spend some quality time with Joe as well!

The birthday celebration was great! We did some socializing with the friends around us, but after dinner and we realized we didn't get to talk to 'everyone' so afterwards we went with some of them to a lounge for drinks and conversation! I'm so glad we did, because all the laughs at dinner were nothing compared to the great talks, stories & jokes that were told at the lounge. I have a great group of friends from high school that I'm lucky enough to keep in touch with. Sure it may only be once a year or a text/phone call on their birthdays but hey, its been 11 years and I'm pretty proud that we're all still friends. Ben was the first of this group to turn 30, so I made the suggestion that since we all turn 30 this next year, we should get together like this for each of our birthdays. I think they all liked the idea, so next up is Tyler's in January!! (I'm gonna hold ya'll to it by the way!!! Even on my birthday I'll drive down to celebrate with everyone!)

Thank you Shannon for setting everything up and including us. We were a crazy group of six and we had so many great times back then. But now we've expanded and added some amazing husbands and wives (and soon to be wives) Plus all the family that comes with it! Ben, Shannon, Tyler, Carson (and Susie you were missed!) I miss you guys like crazy and I'm glad that every time we get together, its like no time has passed at all! Trina, I'm SO happy you entered this bunch of friends because man, you're a great time! Your energy, personality and passion are the perfect mix and I could laugh with you all night long!! I've got a lot of inside jokes to last me until January...where then we can make more! (Shelley and Kyle, I'm glad I got to see you as well because you were an excellent addition to this great night!)

#323 - Happy 30th Birthday Ben!! 

Tyler (L) & Ben (R)

Of course I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! UGH!!! Cell phone pic...

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