#311 - The final product!

Sorry the picture is awful. We went to dinner to celebrate my sister Kalie & my bonus mom Nancy's birthdays. I made that car seat-carrier cover last week and I was anxious to see the finished product on Kalie's car seat. We ate at Olive Garden and to say we had 'mood lighting' would be an understatement. It was so dark I could barely see across the table! So of course when I go to take a picture with my cell phone, even the flash doesn't help brighten up the place. Oh well, if the lighting was better you could probably see all my mistakes!! ;)

I hope you like it Kalie!! Now that I found the 'other' section in Joann's, I'm interested in making another one or something else. I need to keep practicing so I can get better & more confident. Anyone need anything?  

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kalie & to Nancy. Kalie, I hope your birthday was just the greatest ever! And Nancy, enjoy your day on Wednesday! You deserve an amazing day!! Love to you both! XOXOX


  1. That turned out great! So, are you going to teach me to sew now? LOL