I have come to realize that I take way to many pills each day. Of course they are all vitamins/supplements and are good for me, but still, my purse is extremely heavy from carrying around so many bottles!! I have a hard time REMEMBERING to take pills, especially the ones I have to take multiple times a day, so keeping the bottles with me at all times, has helped. In the instance I remember to take one and I'm away from home, it is so convenient to have it in my purse!! But the down side to carrying a pharmacy over your shoulder is that it is VERY HEAVY!! Plus everywhere I go, you can hear the pills shaking around inside the bottle.

I decided it was high time I found an alternative source. It was as simple as buying a case of mints! I emptied out the mints and put in a weeks worth of pills and viola! It doesn't make noise, my purse is incredibly light and having all my pills in just one tiny case is super convenient! I'm a genius! LOL

#319 - The joys of simplifying an irritation! One can only wish there was a simple solution to EVERY irritation!

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