Woot woot! Only 50 more to go!! (Isn't it scary to think I'm so close to being done? Or is it more scary that there is only 50 days left the year???)

Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Many people expressed their appreciation & love to the soldiers who have served and are currently serving on Facebook today. It was great to see such wonderful patriotism and verbal [typed] support all day long. I have about 200 friends on Facebook and I think 60 or more posted something about Veteran's Day today.

Of course our Veterans deserve a day to honor them, they deserve much more than that. But it is great that nationwide we can all stop and take a moment to truly appreciate and understand what our military does for us and sacrifices for us. I don't have anyone actively serving in my [entire] family right now, but I know many people who have loved ones overseas. Not to mention all the people I know that have lost someone dear to them, in the line of duty. My heart goes out to all the wonderful people who gave up [and are giving up] countless amounts of daily treasures to protect and serve America. What amazingly self-less people you are and I speak for the many who are greatly indebted to you. Thank you and God bless each of you!

Along with celebrating our Veteran's, today marks a great day in numerical history. (If there is such a thing!) This day will not happen again for another 100 years....or we'll just celebrate again next year on 12/12/12!! ;)

My #315's - Make a wish!!! 11-11-11

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