JCPenny's was one of our few stops on Black Friday and I got some new pillows! Every year JCP's has a killer deal on Big Hunk pillows and this year they were $3.88! Each year I stock up and replace all the pillows on our bed. (For some reason Joe and I feel like we need 8 pillows on our bed.) I didn't buy 8 replacements, but I bought quite a few. Its always nice to break in a fresh, new pillow. My intention was to find 4 of the most 'used & dingy' on our bed and replace them with the new ones. Instead, I got 4 new pillow cases and we now have 12 pillows...yes 12 pillows on our bed. It won't stay that way, I'll eventually get rid of some, but we had an 'in bed-lazy' day today. We watched football in bed, then watched 2 Ice Age movies. We ate dinner in bed AND had ice cream. I've never been more comfortable! Our giant king size bed has 12 pillows, 2 extra blankets atop the comforter set, 2 people, and 3 puppies. Ahh!! I could stay here forever! (Plus Joe and I are wearing our new comfy pajamas and that makes it THAT much more toasty in here!) Today was awesome!!

#331 - 4 added to the pile!

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