In this household I do the laundry. That is my #1 chore. (Joe does the dishes.) Then we just kinda share everything else. Well even though I'm completely in charge of laundry, I have always refused to check pockets. I'm under the impression that it shouldn't be in the dirty clothes hamper if there are things in the pockets! (Unfortunately I've been forgetful before and have washed my own chapsticks, a check one time AND a camera! Whoops!!! You'd think I'd learn to check...) But as far as Joe's pants go, I assume they are cleared out. Most of the time they are, sometimes I've washed things I'm not supposed to, like his Bluetooth headset (which actually still worked after drying out), many, many pens and then these little babies...

#334 - They're EVERYWHERE!!

I used a dime to show you how small they are...

They are light bulbs from Joe's elevators. (The number button light bulbs and things like that) Ugh...every time I do wash, I find like 3 or 4. I have a little collection on my laundry shelf of all these burnt out light bulbs that should just be thrown away in the first place! Joe's excuse is that he is never near a garbage when he replaces them, so they just pile up in his pockets. They just frustrate me!!! Clink, clink, clink!!

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