Heck yes - only 30 more days of this 365 day challenge!!!

Utah had a big windstorm today. HUGE! While I don't reside in any of the hard-hitting areas, I was still effected by this environmental disaster. Northern Utah had the most damage, with the wind knocking down street signs, trees, ripping up roofing and blowing over semi-truck after semi-truck. I heard it blew out the power in a few areas for several hours! Luckily where I'm at, it didn't do much...just a bad day to wear a skirt! LOL The only part that was effected, was my poor lungs. I've been coughing ALL day! Whatever was in the air, the wind blew it all around and then some. I don't even want to know what I was breathing in today. Thankfully I have some prescribed cough syrup with codeine and it suppressed my cough almost immediately! Phew! Getting to bed tonight would have been awful if I just hacked away. Plus my chest is sore from coughing so hard.

My #335 - The perfect remedy! (Is it really sad that I LOVE The taste of this stuff? Mmm...)

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