7 photos left!!!

Its Christmas Eve! I can't believe its already here. With my vacation last week, December has seem to fly by so fast! In fact with my countdown going until the end of this blog, I've had to literally count the days left just to make sure I'm right!! I REALLY only have 7 more photos! I want to make sure this last week is special and  I hope to try and put a lot of thought & time into my last week of pictures. Gotta leave my followers wanting more!! ;)

I'm not going to write much tonight. My heart is full of love, excitement and anticipation for the events of tomorrow & Monday. I love all the family time and the memories we'll be making. Joe and I spent the night with my Dad, step-mom & my siblings. Lots of food, movies, games & laughter! Now we are home, cuddled in bed with our boys and enjoying 'our' little family. Our hearts ache a little knowing we won't be playing Santa Claus again this year...but we are still hopeful that we'll get to participate in the full enthusiasm for the holiday in the future.

Wishing all my readers, followers, friends and family a wonderful holiday. I hope you are able to spend time with the people you love. May your hearts be full of the true meaning of Christmas. God bless!

My #358 - Stockings are hung. Presents are under the tree. Cookies are laid out. And children are deep in dreams of the spectacular morning to come. Merry Christmas!!

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