Wow. I'm freaking out here people. I have 10...just 10...days left in this photo challenge. To think I've taken that many photos and have posted THAT many times as well - sheesh! Who would have ever thought I'd stay true to my word!

With the wonderful holiday season, comes chaotic schedules!! Since I took a week off work & life to go to Disneyland, I'm now paying for it. Not only with work, but everything else! Laundry, cleaning, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, cooking, etc etc etc! I kind of had a melt down today and ask Joe to help me out. Tonight was my LAST opportunity to shop before Christmas. I am literally booked from tomorrow until Saturday night. No time people, NO TIME! But after my family calmed me down this evening and offered to help run errands, I feel much better. Plus I was able to accomplish a lot tonight and it turns out I really only need 1 more present and Joe is in charge of that. I just now have to worry about work, work, work, dinner & a play with family on Friday, work, wrapping gifts, finishing laundry and cleaning my house. Oh and did I mention I have to work?? I really booked myself out and not in a good way. I should have planned that better. But the money will be good, so I can't complain, right??

However while running amok tonight, I did stop to enjoy the peaceful snow fall. Where I'm in SLC, it was lightly falling down most of the evening. Enough to stick and make the roads icy, but there is nothing better than a calm, peaceful snow fall. As we were leaving Target, I noticed you could see individual snowflakes just piling on top of each other, ever so delicately. Of course it was hard to capture, but I had to try.

Sometimes I need to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy this holiday season. I'm surrounded by many amazing friends and family. Time is precious and I need to not stress it away. Happy Holidays everyone!!

The last 10 photos - #355 - A moment of peace

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