pictures left people!

I wish I had more exciting things to post about this week, it being my last week and all.... But alas, I'm sick and nothing picture worthy is happening to me this week. Well unless you count the impressive pile of tissues next to me on the couch. I'm pretty sure my eco-friendly followers woudn't appreciate that and there is just something gross about used tissues! I went the more 'clean' or 'sanitary' route.

My #362 - Fresh Tissues!! However I found out the hard way that these were VICKS vapor tissues. My eyes have been watering like crazy the last few days, so now they are dry and sore. I wiped my eyes with these tissues and man did it burn!!! How sad is it that my sweet hubby put 2 tissue boxes next to me as I laid on the couch? I have VICKS tissues for my stuffy nose and then ALOE VERA ones for my watering eyes.  That's just another sign that he loves me unconditionally...I'm a little high maintenance!

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