Our first day in Disneyland was a huge success!! Yesterday was such a horrible day with lots of mis-communication issues and the added frustration that comes with it; as well as early signs of getting sick. Luckily yesterday is over and today was a fresh start!! And I'm VERY happy to report that with the meds we've all been taking (yesterday's photo) we're all making great progress. The cold-like symptoms I was feeling, have vanished! Wahoo!!! (Hopefully I'm not speaking to soon here. [insert knocking on wood] )

I was having such a great time, I noticed that today was a great reminder of how excited I am that this whole challenge is almost over. My cell phone internet service is awful so I can't ever get online outside of the hotel. Plus the so called 'high speed' internet absolutely stinks. I guess its a good thing to be without the pressure of the constant world connection, but trying to blog or facebook when you can't, is really an annoyance. But soon, very soon, I won't have to worry about this daily chore. In regards to all my loved ones that have messaged me or commented on my facebook: I apologize for not getting back to you. I'm enjoying my vacation!! :) xoxox

My dad and I have decided to take turns holding the camera and since today was the first EXCITING day, I gave him the responsibility. Which the of course took away my 'awareness' of having to take a photo. Ugh. To think of the million "photo-ops" we had today and I was without my camera. Oh well, I do have this cute cell phone picture of my nieces taking a nap. You can't see them because they are covered from the cold breeze, but what you can see is pretty dang cute and drew a lot of attention from passersby. Love those little feet!!!

#348 - Day 1 of Disneyland. I'm about as exhausted as these little girls were!!

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