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Wahoo, down to my last 5 posts! Today marked the last day of my Christmas celebration. Joe and I spent some time with my Mom & Kelly and enjoyed catching up with each other, then we got to go to a huge family party with my Mom's side. Her brother, my uncle Randy, put together the whole thing and it was fantastic. Almost everyone was there (minus 2 of my cousins and my Uncle & Aunt). We had yummy pizza & salad, gifts, games & socializing, which is my favorite! Randy has always been great at getting everyone together and making sure we're having fun. Our first game involved both white elephant gifts & regular gifts. We all took turns grabbing a gift not knowing if it was a regular gift or a white elephant gift. Then we got the chance to steal gifts from other! It was a great time!! My cousin Laurie (Randy's daughter) brought this gift as a white elephant, but Joe picked it up and we're pretty happy about it!

#360 - Our very own Fertility God!

Okay it really isn't a fertility god. Someone she knew used to have this up as a decoration. She was able to get a hold of it, named it a Fertility God and brought it as a laugh. Well everyone thinks its a Fertility God and no one stole it away from Joe because they knew out of everyone, we need it the most!! Haha, I love my family! Welp, we're gonna hang it up and see if it works. It might just be our year in 2012! Thanks Dave & Laurie for sending this our way. Guess we'll see!

Thanks to my Mom and all her family for creating a wonderful night. I'm so glad I got to see everyone, catch up and play some fun games! Here are a few extra pictures of the night. We played "Tornado" or as I call it, "Lightening." We also played his really FUN game called Human Rock Paper Scissors!! We laughed so hard with that game - it was fantastic!!

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