This is my first picture that I didn't actually take. AW! I know, technically its against my rules, but forget the rules. This challenge is almost over and I don't care about the rules anymore. Plus I really wanted to blog about this and I tried taking a picture by myself and it just didn't work.

I got tattoo tonight. Yes, 'another' one! I do have many, but I am very proud of my collection, despite the haters out there. I'm aware tattoos are not for everyone, but I'm a tattoo lover and there is deep meaning behind each of my pieces and I love sharing that with everyone. Its a choice and I respect the belief in keeping your skin clean & clear, but its definitely not for me. I'm especially proud of all my recent ones because I have personally drawn & designed them. Permanently altering my skin with meaning, love & passion is a thrill for me and knowing its my own art, makes it even more special. This last year I have wanted to get a tattoo of hair shears. I hit my 5th year mark of graduating Beauty School this last February and I wanted to celebrate my accomplishment, but trying to find a drawing or picture was extremely difficult and that is why I hadn't done it yet. I recently contacted an old friend (and previous manager) who is now does tattooing and my dream was created.

Shannon was the first person to hire me when my hairstylist career started and it just seemed so fitting that she was the one to do it for me. I found a few pictures I liked and both her and I started brainstorming and sketching. I haven't really 'drawn' in years and I was really afraid of what it would look like. The other tattoos that I've drawn are simple line doodles, but the shears I wanted detailed and shaded. Drawing was a huge passion of mine back in my high school days, but I put it all behind me after graduation. Of course I dabbled here and there with other art projects but over the last few days its like my inner art fanatic 17 year old, is making a comeback. I couldn't put my pencil down yesterday and it felt good. Really good. I might just have to pull out a sketch book from my hope chest and pick things up were I left off almost 12 years ago. We'll see.

Wow, so...sorry for the long story, I'm just amazed I feel excited to draw again. Weird. But thankfully Shannon was able to not only duplicate, but enhance my drawing and made it a permanent piece on my forearm. Shannon, its absolutely incredible and I couldn't be more pleased. You and I have very similar perspective and I'm SO GLAD you were the one to do it. No one else could have created my vision so perfectly! I'm pretty sure you now have a customer for life! I can't thank you enough!!!

So here is my #354 - My 5th Anniversary present! (just 2 months shy of hitting my 6th year mark!)  I LOVE doing hair!!!


  1. I love it! & it totally fits you & your personality!