We had tickets to see BLUE MAN GROUP tonight and it was awesome!! They always put on an amazing performance that's both mesmerizing and comedic. I love how the get the audience involved too; that's lots of fun!! Plus the music is fantastic, light shows and tricks are worth the ticket price!

My parents have season tickets with the Broadway Theater and this was one of the shows. When they opened up ticket sales to the season ticket holders late summer, my parents asked if we would like extra tickets to any of them. Blue Man Group was the first one and we booked it as soon as we could! Joe is a big BMG fan, we own 2 of their CD's and we have matching shirts!! We've seen them twice in Las Vegas and we're always entertained. Thank you Dad & Nancy for giving us the option to go! We look forward to all the other exciting shows in the future.

#341's - Rock concert movement #3 - Wave your hands like you just don't care!

Technically they don't allow photography during the show, but towards the end, they had the whole audience up on their feet, dancing and throwing these massive colored balls in the air. Since it was a little chaotic, I thought I could sneak a few pictures in. It was a great show!!!!

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