Man my pups are cute!!

Joe and I spent most of the evening just hanging out in our living room. We watched a movie with a nice roaring fire going and then later we turned on some music and we both read books. (I continued to read while Joe hopped on Call Of Duty and here is almost 2AM!!) All while we were being lazy and cozy in our front room, our dogs were even lazier! I swear it was like they were drugged. They were comfy with the heat of the fire and were 'chill-laxing' because Joe and I were being quite & relaxed.

At one point I looked up from reading and saw Joe had set his Nook down & dozed off. Of course the cutest part was that our newest pup Charlie was curled up on his chest, lying with him. They both were sound asleep. (In fact it was Charlie's snore that took me away from my book in the first place.) Not having kids to enjoy, we sure do cherish all the precious moments we have with our dogs - especially those super cute moments that literally make you say 'Awe!' out loud! I know some folks think we're crazy dog people, but hey - they are my only babies!! Let me love 'em how I want!!!

#344 - Down time together. LOVE IT!

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